Military & Foreign Policy

Do You Know What You Believe?

In October 1999, I spoke in Abu Dhabi at a conference on the 21st century sponsored by the United Arab Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research. The audience was composed almost entirely of Moslems; soldiers, scholars, imams and government … Continue reading

‘Happy Talk’

Chief Weapons Inspector David Kay’s resignation and announcement that, in all likelihood, Iraq did not have a weapons of mass destruction (WMD) program at the time the U.S.-led war began is bad news for the Bush administration. Like a pack … Continue reading

Beirut and the 20-Year War

More than two years ago on Sept. 11, 2001, America’s sense of security was shattered by brutal terrorist attacks. The Bush administration responded with a War on Terror. As a result, if you ask the typical American when the War … Continue reading

Gephardt’s Gaffe

Amid the several contortions in logic apparent in presidential candidate Representative Dick Gephardt’s (D-Missouri) July 22 presentation to the San Francisco Bar Association was the contention that the operational and tactical successes achieved by American forces in Operation Iraqi Freedom … Continue reading

Freedom: It’s Worth a Fight

Operation Iraqi Freedom is indeed remarkable. In a little over three weeks American and British forces liberated Iraq from a despotic and murderous dictator. Iraqis and Kurds are celebrating their new-found freedom from fear and tyranny by dancing in the … Continue reading

Saddam’s Unnoticed Genocide

In his presentation to the United Nations this morning, Secretary of State Colin Powell cited an expected list of Iraqi crimes. Among them, he made reference to a group called the Ma’dan, or Marsh Arabs of southern Iraq. Sadly, most … Continue reading

Missing the Soviet Union?

It was the late 1980s in America. The Soviet empire was approaching the ash-heap of history. Not only were communists taking it on the chin but so were some of their Cold Warrior adversaries in the United States. It was … Continue reading

Children of 9/11

The scene was my parents’ house on Fourth of July weekend. It was 10 months after Sept. 11. The tragedy was still on the minds of many, particularly during this time of patriotic reflection. Apparently, it was on the minds … Continue reading

Camelot, Clausewitz or Clinton?

When President John F. Kennedy pledged in his inaugural address to “pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty,” he unknowingly turned Carl von Clausewitz … Continue reading