About L. John Van Til

Dr. L. John Van Til is a fellow for humanities, faith, and culture with the Institute for Faith and Freedom at Grove City College. His latest books are Thinking Cal Coolidge and The Soul of Grove City College: A Personal View.

Hiroshima: Obama vs. Truman

President Obama’s address at Hiroshima, Japan on May 27 provides us with a good opportunity to examine his foreign policy attitude and contrast it with the views of one of America’s most courageous war-time presidents—Harry S. Truman. This exercise has … Continue reading

Is America’s House Divided Again?

Having just viewed Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” and knowing that Lincoln’s birthday is approaching, it seemed fitting to ponder one of Lincoln’s most famous speeches, and perhaps a lesson for Americans today. On June 17, 1858, Lincoln gave his famous “House … Continue reading