Military & Foreign Policy

Why Terrorism? Because it Works

When Hamas terrorists tunneled from Gaza into southern Israel, killed two Israeli soldiers and abducted Corporal Galid Shalit, that probably put the nail in the coffin of any prospect for a peaceful settlement between Israel and the Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority. … Continue reading

Q&A with Michael Novak

Editor’s Note: Michael Novak is the George Frederick Jewett Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and author of several bestselling books. Novak participated in a recent conference hosted by The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College titled, “Mr. Jefferson Goes to the … Continue reading

Women in Iraq and Afghanistan Today

Editor’s Note: A. Yasmine Rassam is director of international policy at the Independent Women’s Forum. Rassam participated in the April 5-6, 2006 conference hosted by The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College titled, “Mr. Jefferson Goes to the Middle East: Democracy’s … Continue reading

A Duel to the Death

War is nothing but a duel on a larger scale. Countless duels go to make up war, but a picture of it as a whole can be formed by imagining a pair of wrestlers.  Each tries through physical force to … Continue reading

Another Bush Critic

Editor’s Note: On April 5-6, 2006, The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College hosted its second annual conference, titled, “Mr. Jefferson Goes to the Middle East: Democracy’s Prospects in the Arab World.”  A number of views were … Continue reading

Dishonest Divestment

In 2004, at its 216th General Assembly, the national governing body of the Presbyterian Church, USA (PCUSA), instructed its Mission Responsibility through Investment Committee to consider divesting stock in companies doing business with Israel. The 2.7 million member denomination did … Continue reading

Eurabia or Bust

Start the jeopardy music, Alex, here’s our question—EU for a thousand.  Okay, contestants, listen up!  How long will it take for Europe to become overwhelmingly Islamic?  A century?  A half-century?  A quarter century? Or, a quarter past three p.m. next … Continue reading

Flags for Books

Flags R’ Us must be doing a brisk business these days, what with the pandemic of national banner burning sweeping across the Muslim world from Jeddah to Jakarta.Here’s a thought: maybe Scandinavians could borrow a page from McDonalds’ and blurt … Continue reading

Pow’r in the Blood

In the early 1950s, when I was barely in grammar school, my father got religion like a case of the flu. And not just any religion. He caught the Chattanooga-Tennessee-Born-Again-Christ-Crucified-for-Sinners-Washed-in-the-Blood-of-the-Lamb faith flu. Every Sunday morning, Dad and Mom hauled me … Continue reading

Strategy and Purposes of War

Devising a strategy appropriate to the war at hand is fundamental to military success. Neither massive firepower nor effusions of heroically-shed blood will redeem a faulty strategy. The big question in the “Global War on Terror” must be, “Is U.S. … Continue reading

Three Weeks in a Progressive Swamp

Through the first three weeks of May, the Rockridge Institute, a California-based politically progressive think tank, partnered with a coalition of religious organizations to host an online conference on “Values and Building a Movement.” After going to, signing on … Continue reading