Military & Foreign Policy

Russia’s New October

“One man with one gun can control one hundred without one,” Lenin once said. The man who gave birth to Soviet Russia believed that strength is first and foremost a means of control, not of war. Exactly 90 years after … Continue reading

Soft Treason

The departure of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from free soil was no doubt accompanied by sighs of relief or expressions of regret, depending on one’s views about the wisdom of inviting to a university a man who has denied the Holocaust, threatened … Continue reading

China as Scapegoat

Recently (“Exchange-Rate Politics,” July 23), I warned that U.S. senators were playing with fire by trying to strong-arm China into speeding up the rate at which the yuan strengthens vis-à-vis the dollar. On August 8, the Chinese responded. In dignified … Continue reading

Iran in the Crosshairs?

“There is nothing so dreadful as a great victory … excepting a great defeat.”—Sir Arthur Wellesley,the Duke of Wellington A lot has happened in the past two weeks to refocus attention on terrorism and the global war against Islamist Jihadists … Continue reading

Fidel’s Useful Idiots

“…learn what the new Cuba offers its people—and its neighbors. To its people, peace, democracy, prosperity. To its neighbors, friendship, and the cooperation of men who respect each other….” —Daily Worker, December 13, 1959 Unfortunately I was standing, not sitting, … Continue reading

Avoiding the Iraq Hangover

After Saigon fell to a North Vietnamese onslaught on April 29, 1975, Americans experienced a “Vietnam hangover” lasting until the electorate emerged from its grogginess to elect Ronald Reagan to the presidency in 1980. If you have ever gotten “knee-crawlin’, … Continue reading

What Matters in Mexico

As conservatives continue to view Mexico through the three-dimensional lens of immigration, immigration, and immigration, they might want to widen their perspective to consider a human-rights atrocity that ought to outrage them as much as border fences. While virtually no … Continue reading