Faith & Freedom

Why Faith & Freedom?

In April 2019, The Center for Vision & Values announced a change inits name to the Institute for Faith & Freedom at Grove City College. The document below seeks to answer questions related to this change

Why, after 15 years of success, are you changing the name of The Center for Vision & Values to the Institute for Faith & Freedom?

We decided to make this change for two primary reasons. First, given the extent to which our culture and society is challenging broadly-held understandings of faith and freedom with particular regard to the formation of virtue, we decided that our message was of the utmost importance, now more than ever. Through a new name, a new website and a revamped media presence, we are anxious to break through all of the social media clamor and digital overload so that our insights will be heard. The phrase “faith and freedom” more clearly articulates what we stand for, and what we believe.We are convinced that there are hundreds of thousands of parents, families and fellow compatriots who would more readily resonate with our work if we had a name that more clearly says what we believe.Secondly, the phrase “faith and freedom” more clearly aligns with Grove City College’s historic commitments to these values. From its founding days 143 years ago, Grove City College has been a beacon of faith and freedom to each generation of leaders. We seek to more clearly align the Institute with the College’s work, and this new name will more clearly articulate that alignment.

What other changes come along with the change in name?

We have made a number of additional programmatic enhancements along with this change. These include: increasing the frequency with which we communicate the impact of the Institute’s work with our supporters,allies and prospective friends; increasing the number of events that the Institute is hosting regionally and nationally; and upgrading our online communications through our website and social media presence. Our new website is Our new Facebook page is: Our new Twitter handle is: @IFFGCC. In addition, we are unveiling a new publication entitled Faith & Freedom which highlights some of the work of the Institute and the Center.

Does this change signal a change in direction, mission or commitment?

Absolutely not. The only change that this new name signifies is more clearly articulating the values that the Institute has espoused since its inception. The mission of the Institute has been, and remains, this:to promote the principles of faith and freedom to the next generation of American leaders, and to share those principles with the wider world.

What is the relationship between the Institute for Faith & Freedom and the Faith & Freedom Society at Grove City College?

The values of Faith & Freedom are core to the mission of Grove City College. The Faith & Freedom Society was created to recognize and thank those who choose to support Grove City College through an estate or planned gift. You can learn more about supporting the Institute for Faith and Freedom and making Grove City College a beneficiary of your estate plans by visiting or contacting Mr Adam Nowland’07 J.D./M.B.A., Director of Planned Giving,at [email protected] 724-458-3865.

Did you know that several other organizations use the phrase “Faith & Freedom” in their names? Isn’t your use of this phrase confusing?

We do realize that several groups use the phrase “faith & freedom” in their names. Many of these groups* are co-laborers, working in the field of faith or conservative activism, and we applaud and support their good work. We chose this name because there is no other group in the country that has the historic commitments to these principles, and is doing the work we are doing within the unique context of higher education that Grove City occupies. We hope many more individuals and organizations commit themselves to the principles of faith and freedom because of our work.

Does this change mean I should change how I should write my check to support the Institute?

As has always been the case, gifts to support the work of the Center are fully tax-deductible and can be made payable to “Grove City College” with “Institute for Faith & Freedom” on the memo line.For online gifts, please use this address: The address remains the same: 100 Campus Drive, Grove City PA 16127.

* Some of these groups are: Faith and Freedom Coalition (, Center for Faith and Freedom (, Faith and Freedom Foundation (