Education & Schools

Separation of School and State

The conservative Texas State Board of Education adopted sweeping changes to its social studies textbook curricula on Friday. Among the most controversial changes is the way “separation of church and state” will be presented to students. I wonder what the … Continue reading

The NEA and Healthcare Reform

Our nation’s teachers were unwittingly in the thick of last week’s dramatic healthcare summit hosted by President Obama. Whether they liked it or not, their union dues supported a public relations campaign in favor of big government healthcare. Politically savvy and seizing … Continue reading

Tom Dillon vs. the Relativists

Last week, as we at Grove City College held a conference on “Faith, Freedom, and Higher Education,” in which we underscored the struggle against rampant secular relativism in our universities, American higher education lost a true apostle of faith and freedom. A … Continue reading

More Bailouts, More Fed

In the last week, the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve each announced a major policy initiative for the stated purpose of reversing our economic woes. Don’t hold your breath. The Treasury’s gambit is a proposed public-private partnership to remove … Continue reading

Viva La Revolucion

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article first appeared in American Thinker. Last week, before an audience of millions of Americans, the new president made a telling statement. Alluding to the American founders, President Barack Obama, in his Inaugural Address, stated: … Continue reading