Education & Schools

Flaming Farewell

June’s arrival marks the end of another school year and the resultant joy of students. As a teacher, I want to suggest an appropriate way to celebrate: a bonfire. Not just any bonfire though, but one that uses as its … Continue reading

Gas or Education?

Gas prices, as everyone knows, are on the rise. The jump has affected just about everyone, certainly anyone with a car. Yet, the rise has also had an impact on the most unexpected areas, such as, of all things, private … Continue reading

Are There Any Good Colleges Left?

Dear Vision & Values Concise Readers, Here’s an article by Jennifer Biddison at, the leading source for conservative news and commentary, that gets the story straight about Grove City College. If you know high school students or parents who … Continue reading

Fewer Teachers; More Coaches

America needs fewer teachers and more coaches. After twenty-three years of schooling, I have seen my fair share of teachers and perhaps the best was my dissertation advisor Dr. John R. Thelin. As would be expected, Dr. Thelin brought to … Continue reading

A Thankful Michael Newdow

Upon learning that a federal judge issued an order against the Elk Grove (CA) United School District to forbid even the voluntary recitation of “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, lawsuit instigator Michael Newdow said this: “A federal judge … Continue reading

The Return of the Parents

Students are approaching the final days of this educational year but increasingly parents are heading back to school. While many students will soon be thinking of summer jobs, administrators, teachers and parents will not be getting a break. Controversies involving … Continue reading

Teach Respect?

Well, soon schools will be taking another well deserved break from academics and plunge headlong into political advocacy. Yes, Virginia there is a Day of Silence and it is coming to a school near you. The DOS is an advocacy … Continue reading