Grove City College – Trustee Scholarship Program

Do you know an exceptional high school student? A student who may be interested in a tremendous scholarship opportunity?

The Trustee Scholarship Program at Grove City College provides our highest performing students with a rich academic experience rooted in scholarly exploration, spiritual formation, and vocational discernment. We believe that undergraduate studies are a high calling, and we are eager to help our students develop robust Christian minds and imaginations for God’s glory and our neighbors’ good.

Grove City College awards 24 Trustee Scholarships each year. The top eight recipients are designated as Trustee Fellows and are awarded the College’s most generous merit-based scholarship: a “full-ride” award which covers standard tuition, room and board charges. The remaining 16 scholarship winners—designated as Trustee Scholars—receive an $8,000 award.

We invite you to share this program with any high school student that would be interested in this amazing opportunity. The deadline to apply is November 15, 2015.

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We hope you’ll consider joining us in an exceptional program and a community that will equip and support students to develop in their fields to a level uncommon for undergraduate education. We believe that God in Christ is making all things new, and he has invited us to see our intellectual life and vocational path as part of that great redemptive enterprise.