About Andrew Harvey

Dr. Andrew Harvey is an associate professor of English at Grove City College and a contributing scholar with the Institute for Faith and Freedom.

Dante and the Way of Love

Dante, a serious rival to Shakespeare as the world’s greatest literary genius, was born in Florence, Italy 750 years ago. Italy properly celebrated the birthday of its national poet (indeed he who virtually invented the modern Italian language) on May … Continue reading

Getting St. Nicholas Right

St. Nicholas is in fact the greatest saint in the history of Christianity. Forget Peter, Paul, or Mary; St. Nicholas has them all beat. No other saint enjoys his unique relationship to all three branches of Christianity—Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and … Continue reading

Listening to Frankenstein

At this very time of year, on a dreary night, and during a lightning storm, Victor Frankenstein first gave life to his hideous creation in Mary Shelley’s tragic novel. And so was born both the connection between Halloween and Frankenstein … Continue reading