American History & Presidents

What? Me Trust You?

The last time Americans got involved in a major culture war, citizens across the land dusted off their Springfield muskets and joined the nearest regiment. This time every attorney worth his or her shingle is going down a checklist that … Continue reading

Nuking The Blues

This week marks the fifth anniversary of one of the worst weeks in the history of Fort Worth, Texas. What happened that week was a demonstration of evil and good, of a mad killer at work and a kind community … Continue reading

Christianity and Conservatism

After drafting an Op-Ed piece entitled “Ronald Reagan and the Face of Conservatism” this week, I resolved to also write a brief piece on the relationship between Christianity and Conservatism. Before heading up to my study to begin, my wife … Continue reading

Stay Out of the Draft

After the Vietnam War, when the draft was history, Army Chief of Staff General Creighton Abrams redesigned the all volunteer Army so it would never again be sent to war without the support of the American people. To that end, … Continue reading

Beware the Serpent’s Promises

I teach courses in humanities and military history at Grove City College, an “enthusiastically Christian” college in rural northwestern Pennsylvania. This morning I concluded my Humanities 302 course with the Home Box Office movie “Conspiracy” which depicts a conference held … Continue reading

What Did You Do in the Vietnam War?

The statue of three soldiers positioned near the Vietnam War Memorial misrepresents the typical Vietnam veteran. While the statue depicts soldiers in a rifle platoon, only a minority, about 20-percent of all Vietnam War veterans, served in such a capacity. … Continue reading

Breaking All the Rules

There is a time-honored tradition in American politics — a gentlemen’s agreement of sorts: Former presidents do not openly criticize current presidents, particularly on sensitive foreign-policy matters. Ex-presidents know intimately the difficulty of the job; they understand how much more … Continue reading