American History & Presidents

Conservatives Are Blowing It

Conservatives are blowing it. In Harriet Miers, George W. Bush designated a nominee to the Supreme Court who, without conservative opposition and digging, particularly by the diligent Wall Street Journal, would almost surely have sailed through Senate confirmation. By all … Continue reading

The Sound of Freedom

This year, the nation of Austria celebrates the 60th anniversary of its liberation from Nazi occupation. With the Allied victory in May 1945, the German “Anschluss” that had dragooned Austrians into Hitler’s socialist Third Reich in 1938 passed into history, remembered only … Continue reading

Judge Roberts and the Living Constitution

The Judiciary Committee hearings for Judge John Roberts provide an arena in which the supporters of the “living Constitution” will clash, however politely, with the advocates of “original intent” sometimes called “originalists.”These two conflicting judicial philosophies lurk behind almost every … Continue reading

The Evolving Lesson of the Scopes Trial

This month marks the 80th anniversary of the Scopes Trial, the original trial of the century. Civility, not a survival-of-the-fittest demeanor, marked the proceedings. It’s not a bad precedent for our U.S. Senators to follow in their deliberations over U.S. … Continue reading

Celebrating the 4th

How will you celebrate the 4th of July? Will you have/Are you having a picnic? Going to one? Picnics are fine, but all of us should also truly celebrate the essence of the Fourth – the propositions about rights and … Continue reading

Don’t “Bench” the Veterans

Professors Calabresi and Lindgren in a recent Wall Street Journal article entitled “Supreme Gerontocracy” (April 8) complain that U.S. Supreme Court justices are retiring 10 years later on average than were the earlier justices. Therefore, they support the adoption of … Continue reading

Generalissimo Bush

Effective wartime presidents are generalissimos, commanders-in-chiefs wielding military power to achieve historically monumental strategic ends; visionaries who shape and mold events through bold political and military action. Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt, America’s two greatest wartime Presidents, served the … Continue reading

Hunting For The Guy Vote

The headline in the Akron Beacon Journal made the accompanying article a must-read: “Kerry Plans a Hunting Trip as Part of His Push for Votes of Social Conservatives.” At first, I thought perhaps Dave Barry had written a column on … Continue reading


The influence of President Bush’s faith on his foreign policy has been greatly exaggerated by both friends and foes. Enthusiasts proudly call the president’s foreign policy “faith based.” Detractors angrily assert that the president invaded Iraq and removed Saddam Hussein … Continue reading

Another Close Election? Maybe Not

Consider the following scenario.  Articles of impeachment are voted on in the House of Representatives against the President, who is acquitted in the Senate.  This comes after a divisive war, which pitted political elites and their followers throughout the country … Continue reading

A Parody: Euro-Kerry

Here’s a pesky thought for Kerryites. The chances of the French warming up to their guy if he becomes President are about as great as Jacques Chirac smothering his escargot with Heinz Ketchup. Consider the following scenario. John Kerry’s just … Continue reading