Portrait of an Anti-American

They come in all shapes and sizes, without regard to age, race, color, credo, Speedo, national origins, pedigree, filigree, or no degree.  They are full-blooded, half-blooded, sixteenth-blooded, green-blooded, one-sixty-fourth-blooded something or other, Vulcanese, Pekinese, or strip tease.  They are mono-cultural, multicultural, counter-cultural, literate, semi-literate, anti-literate, tall, short, fat, thin, caffeinated, or decaffeinated.  They appear in versions that are intellectually challenged, follicle-challenged, or deodorant-challenged, and they sport Brooks Brothers suits, baseball caps, with or without shorts, tank tops, nose jewelry, or fruit-of-the-looms.  

For the caffeinated, one-sixty-fourth something or other type, one could hardly improve upon the chain-smoking, flowing Fabio-locked personage of Ward Churchill.  For the decaffeinated, grunge-like, intellectually challenged fruit-of-the-loom (I’m guessing, here) variety, there is that Homer Simpson-as-a-boy specimen, complete with insipid grin and South Park voice, who insisted with profound historical insight that Bush resembled Hitler—a point he made in a geography class, no less.  Makes one shudder to think what goes on in a history class.

However variegated this menagerie is, they have at least four things in common.  First, they resent those who characterize them as obsessive-compulsive disorder types as though that were a bad thing.  Second, they are all from planet earth, though admittedly, further research is needed on this matter.  Third, their beliefs mimic exactly those about whom George Orwell once commented (with left-wing professors in mind), “You’d have to be an intellectual to believe something like that.  No one else would be such a fool!”  Which leads us to the fourth, and most important point:  they all despise America with a passion.

There is a very serious message behind this admittedly tongue-in-cheek introduction—deadly serious, in fact.  Anti-Americans dominate many of our classrooms, newsrooms, and boardrooms.  And as pointed out by David Horowitz in his shocking overview of academia, The Professors, these inveterate haters with tenure are indoctrinating the most impressionable members of our society with views so outrageous, that upon hearing them, one’s first inclination is to reach for an abnormal psych text to gain a sense of what’s going on.

The message they spout is simple-minded and formulaic.  The United States is the most racist, sexist, imperialistic, war mongering, homophobic, dictatorial, environment-despoiling (that’s my favorite) and genocidal country in the history of humanity.  America is the scourge of the world—the Anti-Christ incarnate, the Darth Vader of the universe, whose unfathomable depredations make Hitler, Stalin and Genghis Khan seem like Boy Scout leaders.  America, in short, is just not a nice place.

Behind this tenth circle of hell description of the United States that would make Beelzebub blush and Dante eat his heart out is a contradiction so huge that you can drive the planet Neptune through it.  The professors don’t leave America.  These misanthropic muggers all stay in this heart of darkness, this bottomless pit of evil.  The question is, why?

Here the solemn observations of Abraham Lincoln come to mind.  In a brilliant address given in 1838 when he was only twenty-eight years old, Lincoln warned about the perils of the ambitious person, who has time on his hands and few useful ways to employ it.  “Distinction will be his paramount object,” Lincoln pointed out, “and although he would as willingly… acquire it by doing good as harm, yet, that opportunity being past, and nothing left to be done in the way of building up, he would set boldly to the task of pulling down.”

That’s why they stay—the professors, teachers, cynical journalists, disaffected politicians, and treasonous opinion leaders.  They are ambitious people; they hate America; they want to destroy it.

And they are teaching our children.

About Marvin J. Folkertsma

Dr. Marvin Folkertsma is a retired professor of political science and fellow for American studies with the Institute for Faith and Freedom at Grove City College. The author of several books, his latest release is a high-energy novel titled "The Thirteenth Commandment."

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