George Washington as the Model for American Statesmanship

The Center for Vision and Values successfully held its first luncheon of the American Founders Luncheon Series on September 19, 2006, at the Rivers Club in Pittsburgh, PA. The American Founders Luncheon Series brings to Pittsburgh  respected scholars on the American Founding to present engaging talks focused on the beliefs, actions and character of those leaders who pursued a “Great Experiment” in whether humans are capable of governing themselves. The series’ first luncheon featured Dr. Matthew Spalding of the Heritage Foundation with a lecture on George Washington entitled “George Washington as the Model for American Statesmanship”.

Dr. Spalding’s address can be seen by clicking here.

Photos from the luncheon can be seen here.

About Matthew Spalding

Matthew Spalding is the director of the B. Kenneth Simon Center for American Studies, and also serves as project leader of Heritage Foundation's First Principles initiative.

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