Military & Foreign Policy

A judgment on intelligence

Editor’s note: This article first appeared at American Thinker. Despite everything you’ve gleaned from spy novels and movies, the most important raw material for a successful intelligence service isn’t information; it’s judgment.  If you don’t know what information is worth … Continue reading

Memo to Washington: Economic growth is easy

Editor’s note: editor John Tamny, author of the below opinion editorial which first appeared at, will be speaking at Grove City College on Sept. 24 on the subject “How Government is Hurting the Job Market for College Graduates.” … Continue reading

Camelot and the Syrian crisis

November 22 marks the 50th anniversary of the end of Camelot. During its tenure, President John F. Kennedy’s administration set national security precedents that have influenced the way Washington has approached military commitments to the present day. For instance, in … Continue reading

Dropping the Benghazi ball

In the 1990s, the U.S. Air Force’s self-descriptor for its capabilities was “Global Reach, Global Power.”  On September 11, 2012, as Americans were being attacked and killed in the Middle East, the global reach of air power was confined to … Continue reading