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The FCC versus Internet Freedom

Earlier this month, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler announced that its five commissioners will conduct a vote on February 26 to decide whether to grant itself the authority to regulate the Internet under Title II of the Communications Act of … Continue reading

Getting St. Nicholas Right

St. Nicholas is in fact the greatest saint in the history of Christianity. Forget Peter, Paul, or Mary; St. Nicholas has them all beat. No other saint enjoys his unique relationship to all three branches of Christianity—Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and … Continue reading

Dickens’ Christmas Mystery

For fun Christmas reading this season, I highly recommend John Grisham’s “Skipping Christmas,” or Maeve Binchy’s “This Year It Will Be Different.” For a more thought-provoking read, however, I suggest Charles Dickens’ short story, “A Christmas Tree.” I have often … Continue reading

My Imperfect Thanks

Christian psychologist David Myers, in his writing and speaking about happiness, has suggested that long-term human happiness is not particularly dependent on our wealth or health. If you tell him that a year ago one person won millions of dollars … Continue reading

The Collective Suicide of Conservative Talk-Radio

Conservative talk-radio is hurting. Liberals are gleefully circling the wagons, celebrating their adversary’s imminent demise, even as conservative talk-radio remains far more popular than liberal talk-radio. Liberals think they know the reason for the decline: they believe that conservatism is on the … Continue reading

The Liberal Religion of “Tolerance”

I’ve said it before, and I’m hardly alone. Many have observed it. Liberals revere tolerance. They practically worship it. It’s like a religion to them. Well, now comes a study that supports the point. A new survey by Pew Research finds that when … Continue reading

Death’s Progress: Part 2

Editor’s note: This article first appeared at American Thinker. In 2010, I wrote a piece titled, “Death’s Progress,” which was widely published. What I laid out needs to be reiterated and updated. Unfortunately, it will need to be regularly reiterated … Continue reading