Was Margaret Sanger a Racist?

When I write about Margaret Sanger’s May 1926 speech to the women’s chapter of the KKK in Silverlake, New Jersey—as I did again recently—liberals get upset. They accuse me of distortion and even making up the whole thing. Many of them cannot … Continue reading

The Federal Reserve Parking Lot

Recent commentary by David Stockman, former Reagan Administration budget chief, is timely for investors because it focuses on the Federal Reserve’s internal debate about “policy normalization” in advance of Wednesday’s important Federal Open Market Committee meeting. Stockman argues that the … Continue reading

Resting Place of a Humble Man

Editor’s note: This article first appeared at The American Spectator. William P. Clark died two years ago last month. When he passed, I wrote a tribute at The American Spectator, aptly titled “Bill Clark’s Divine Plan.” For those unfamiliar with … Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth: Long May She Reign

Barring the unexpected, Queen Elizabeth II, on September 9, 2015, will become the longest reigning British monarch, overtaking Queen Victoria, who reigned from 1837 to 1901. These historic 63-year reigns are separated by four kings who reigned for a combined … Continue reading

The “Not Enough Jobs” Scenario: An Economic Fallacy (But Possibly an Accurate Forecast)


Editor’s note: This article first appeared at Forbes.com. Once again, a scholar with impressive credentials is broadcasting the gloomy notion that Americans face a job-poor future. The insufficient-jobs scenario appeared in George Mason University economist Tyler Cowen’s book “Average Is Over” a … Continue reading

Wisdom that Can Make a Difference

“One death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic.”–Joseph Stalin Late in the afternoon of December 25, 1991, Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev resigned, declared his office closed, and handed over the keys to Russia’s nuclear deterrent to President Boris … Continue reading