Civil Rights and Racial Injustice

Race, Segregation, and Heaven

The new movie, “The Help,” based on Kathryn Stockett’s best-selling book by the same name, continues to lead ticket sales at the box office. Both dramatize the extent and tragedy of segregation and discrimination in the South during the early … Continue reading

Death’s Progress

Editor’s note: A longer version of this article first appeared in American Thinker. Progressivism is all-the-rage nowadays, with liberals having jettisoned the “liberal” label for the less maligned tag of “progressive.” This is tactical as much as philosophical. It’s fascinating … Continue reading

Reagan and Joe

Editor’s note: This article first appeared at National Review, February 6, 2010. This February 6 marks the 99thanniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth. In a telling development, Republicans around the country have begun holding “Reagan Day” dinners, as they’ve traditionally done every … Continue reading

Let Us Give Thanks

As we celebrate our national Thanksgiving holiday in 2009, are you feeling worry, fear, anger, or despair about the direction of our country? Let us instead give thanks. As we pass through this temporal world of “tares and wheat,” we … Continue reading

Alito v. Planned Parenthood

In recent weeks, Judge Samuel Alito Jr. has been portrayed as everything from “anti-woman” to a racial bigot. His confirmation hearings got so ugly that his wife, in the most regrettable image of the hearings, left the room in tears. … Continue reading

Jewish-Christian Unity At Easter

A few weeks ago I wrote an article describing Ronald Reagan’s views on Jesus Christ and the crucifixion. While most of the response was positive, I did receive some negative email. One writer complained that I rekindled the same “divisive” … Continue reading

Saddam’s Unnoticed Genocide

In his presentation to the United Nations this morning, Secretary of State Colin Powell cited an expected list of Iraqi crimes. Among them, he made reference to a group called the Ma’dan, or Marsh Arabs of southern Iraq. Sadly, most … Continue reading