STREAMING VIDEO — The Theft of the Conservation Movement

Greg Walcher, one of the most recognized and respected national leaders in natural resources policy, speaks at the Freedom Readers Dessert series on February 21, 2012.

Walcher is president of the Natural Resources Group, a national consulting firm specializing in energy, water, public lands, forestry, and wildlife. He is also an associate in the respected D.C. firm, Dawson and Associates, serves on the Policy Advisory Board of the Heartland Institute, and is a fellow in the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University.

Walcher served in the Governor’s Cabinet as head of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, and as president of the national organization of natural resources cabinet secretaries. Previously he spent a decade on Capitol Hill, and another 10 years as president of Club 20, a non-profit association of 20 counties, 75 cities, dozens of non-profits, and hundreds of businesses in Western Colorado.

Walcher writes a regular blog called “Resources and Reality,” in which he pokes fun of government silliness, and is the author of “Smoking Them Out: the Theft of the Environment, and How to Take it Back,” now in its second printing.