Tax Day 2018: Taxation and Representation

The Center for Vision & Values is proud to present two videos featuring 2008 Grove City College graduate Jared Walczak. Walczak ’08 is a senior policy analyst for the Tax Foundation and was a Student Fellow for the Center from 2006-2008. Walczak recently gave an American Founders address to a packed room in Pittsburgh, PA and was also interviewed for a segment on CBS Sunday Morning.

CBS Sunday Morning on April 8, 2018.


In 1985 President Ronald Reagan said, “We envision a system where more than half of us would not even have to fill out a return.”

Sounds good, right? But consider our complex tax code and an already-overstretched IRS. “There’s a significant cost to doing something like this, and the IRS does not currently have the funding to do this,” said Jared Walczak of the non-partisan Tax Foundation. He says getting the details right for every filer is a lot to ask. “It’s something that superficially makes a lot of sense,” Walczak said. “But unfortunately, it potentially loses taxpayers a lot of the deductions they might be able to take.”

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“Taxation and Representation: What the Founders Thought About Tax Policy”

March 6, 2018 – American Founders Lecture Series

Before a packed room, Walczak discusses how tax revolts have a storied place in history: opposition to oppressive taxation, real or imagined, has inspired passionate reactions from everyone from Lady Godiva to the Whiskey Rebels.

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