STREAMING VIDEO | 2015 | Aaron Burr: Foundered Father

Richard G. Jewell ’67, president emeritus of Grove City College, discusses the life of Aaron Burr before more than 140 guests at the March 17, 2015 American Founders Luncheon in Pittsburgh.

From the chief collection of those who founded America and became her initial leaders, none are more vilified than Aaron Burr. Throughout his career Burr served in many high ranking positions. He was the attorney general in New York, a U.S. Senator, the vice president of the United States, and in the election of 1800—the most vituperative in our history—tied Thomas Jefferson for the presidency in the initial Electoral College ballot. In the most famous duel in our nation’s history, Burr killed his lifelong enemy Alexander Hamilton. So what to make of this gifted and brilliant patriot?