V&V PAPER — Keys to Designing an Antipoverty Fund

Editor’s Note: Reflecting the breadth and depth of top-notch scholarship being pursued by the faculty of Grove City College, The Center for Vision & Values is pleased to release the first in a series of exclusive monthly papers being offered through our faculty V&V Paper Initiative.

In “Keys to Designing an Antipoverty Fund” (4,746 words), professor of finance and entrepreneurship at Grove City College and contributing scholar with The Center for Vision & Values—Dr. Timothy S. Mech—presents a novel framework for tapping a portion of the $13 trillion that Americans have accumulated in retirement assets and harnessing the vast wealth in such a way that poverty can be confronted on a global scale. In light of the assertion that “almost half of the world’s inhabitants struggle to survive,” Dr. Mech has identified an innovative, painless method for helping to reduce world poverty through the promotion of entrepreneurship in the third world. Americans can help cut poverty and grow their nest egg as they await their retirement.

In contrast to a more conventional, socially responsible investment product, “which merely tries to avoid industries that it deems harmful,” Dr. Mech explores the rationale for an antipoverty retirement fund which “takes a positive approach by financing job creation and infrastructure improvement.” To “allow ordinary Americans to have a huge impact on world poverty,” the author concludes, “The time has come for investment firms to offer an antipoverty fund.”

Media Inquiries: If you would like to reach Dr. Mech for comment, please contact him at [email protected].

(Download the white paper here. Microsoft Word Document)

About Timothy Mech

Dr. Timothy S. Mech is a professor of finance and entrepreneurship at Grove City College and a contributing scholar with the Institute for Faith and Freedom.

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