High School Same-Sex Marriage Curriculum Anything But Balanced

A new same-sex marriage curriculum for high schools is running into scholarly opposition from three authors led by noted sexual orientation researcher Warren Throckmorton, Ph.D.

Throckmorton, Gary Welton, Ph.D. and student Mike Ingram wrote a white paper that examines the curriculum produced by The Gay Lesbian Straight Educational Network (GLSEN) entitled “At Issue: Marriage. Exploring the Debate Over Rights for Same Sex Marriage.”

The Gay Lesbian Straight Educational Network released its curriculum in 2003 designed to be used over a two to three week instructional period by high school teachers. The GLSEN web site urges high schools to be involved in same sex marriage education stating, “Along with parents and care takers, schools must take a leading role in providing accurate information about same-sex relationships …”

“Our curriculum is designed to give them (students) a fair and balanced set of resources concerning gay marriage…” said GLSEN Director Kevin Jennings on FOXNEWs’ “O’Reilly Factor.” Host Bill O’Reilly then asked, “So you give them both sides in this'” Mr. Jennings, replied, “Absolutely.”

The white paper, “Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ and Schools: Critical Review of the GLSEN Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Curriculum,” found the opposite to be true stating, “The curriculum would more aptly be titled ‘How to Advocate for Gay Marriage: A Teachers Guide.’ The curriculum clearly points students to one conclusion: A truly fair and educated person will support same sex marriage.”

Throckmorton adds that of the 18 references offered in the GLSEN curriculum, 14 are pro-same sex marriage, three are somewhat neutral on the subject and only one reference to a Vatican pronouncement is in favor of traditional marriage.

The white paper recommends that schools pass on adopting the GLSEN curriculum.

“The GLSEN authors may have meant well, but the curriculum is anything but fair and balanced. We document multiple instances where the curriculum is slanted, misleading and even coercive,” Throckmorton said.

Warren Throckmorton is an associate professor of psychology and director of counseling at Grove City College, Gary Welton, professor of psychology at Grove City College and Mike Ingram is a student at Grove City College and a research assistant for the Truth Comes Out Project.

A copy of the white paper can be found at www.drthrockmorton.com/samesexcur.pdf