Hasta la Vista, State Assembly!

While Arnold seeks to say hasta la vista to Gray Davis, Californians should think about saying the same to their State Assembly legislators in the next election cycle.

California politics are often viewed as – how can we put this delicately – weird. On matters cultural, this year’s legislative season has brought a bumper crop of advancements for those who would like to see gays married, people of conservative faith muzzled and schools used for political and sexual indoctrination.

It’s as if all the social engineers in the country collectively heard the call, “There’s gold in them thar hills!”

In reviewing the activity of the Assembly thus far, we see a bill signed into law that would forbid job and housing discrimination against transsexuals. If you don’t want to hire John reconstructed as Joan, you can be fined.

Bills authorizing more money (from where?) to indoctrinate students, teachers and foster parents concerning sexual orientation are now law. Efforts to add an amendment requiring such training to include information regarding the existence of ex-gays and the changeable nature of sexual orientation didn’t get past first base. So kids, teachers and foster parents will be required to subscribe to the politicized dogma of sexual orientation masquerading as good social science.

Still on the fast track with fair chance of passage is a bill (AB 17) that would prohibit a state agency from entering into contracts with businesses and non-profit groups not offering domestic partner benefits. Here’s some golden irony: The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLT), a group working to force businesses to adopt such benefits for its homosexual employees have recently trimmed their domestic partner benefits in half. The benefits are too expensive for one of the main groups lobbying for passage. One wonders what gay lobbying groups in California will do if this measure becomes law. Close? Lay off some workers?

Another bill nearing passage is California’s version of domestic partner recognition (AB 205). The bill would grant to domestic partners nearly all the rights, benefits and obligations available to spouses under state law. Even though the voters of California via Proposition 22 registered their will that marriage be between a man and woman, the Assembly is arrogantly on the edge of overruling the populace.

Have any of these legislators heard of Gray Davis?

By contrast, the bills that were defeated or have been allowed to die in committee include the recognition of May 1 as the National Day of Prayer, a bill toughening the definition of child pornography, a bill allowing parents and kids to opt out of objectionable sexual “education,” and amazingly a bill that would have required the State Department of Education to bring down federal money to support sexual abstinence based education. California is the only state not using the available federal funds for abstinence-based sexual education. Does anyone see a trend here?

So here’s the California voted for by a majority of the Assembly: just say yes to domestic partnerships and more money advancing liberal sexual politics in the schools, businesses and foster care systems but no to recognition of prayer and parent’s rights, tougher child porn laws and information in schools that emphasize sexual abstinence.

Maybe the citizens of the Recall State should say hasta la vista to lots of folks in their Assembly as well.