Faith & Society

Howard Dean: Biotheologian

Does God make people gay? At first glance, this is a question that appears theological. However, Howard Dean, democratic presidential candidate and a physician, looks to biology for his answer. Campaigning in Iowa, when asked about his views of homosexuality, … Continue reading

St. Nick is Good for Girls

Given his decision making power on the gift issue, my girls made sure Santa Claus got some seriously good cookies most Christmas eves. Like most daughters, mine didn’t know much about the real Saint Nick. But girls everywhere would benefit … Continue reading

Right, Left or Free to Choose?

During the past two weeks I have been contacted or received feedback from over 300 people concerning the recent columns I have written concerning homosexuality and biological causes (“Homosexuality and Genes: Déjà vu All Over Again” and “Of Mice and … Continue reading

Of Mice and Gay Men

Recently, Reuters and other news services reported a research study demonstrating that the brains of male mice are different than the brains of female mice. Amazingly, the news service turned this study into support for the theory that homosexuality is … Continue reading

A Good Offense

Orlando, Florida, is home to lots of sunshine, Mickey, Donald and Goofy and Exodus International. You know about the sun and Disney but you may not have known that the world’s leading referral and support organization for former homosexuals is … Continue reading

Hoosier Controversy

Recently the school that hosts the Kinsey Institute temporarily removed the web log of a faculty member for suggesting gay men might not be the best teachers of young boys. Indiana University Business Professor, Dr. Eric Rasmusen said on his … Continue reading