Faith & Society

A Good Offense

Orlando, Florida, is home to lots of sunshine, Mickey, Donald and Goofy and Exodus International. You know about the sun and Disney but you may not have known that the world’s leading referral and support organization for former homosexuals is … Continue reading

Hoosier Controversy

Recently the school that hosts the Kinsey Institute temporarily removed the web log of a faculty member for suggesting gay men might not be the best teachers of young boys. Indiana University Business Professor, Dr. Eric Rasmusen said on his … Continue reading

The Right to Divide

With the installation of Gene Robinson, the newly elected and openly gay Episcopal Bishop, the Episcopalians continue to do what mainstream churches seem to do best: divide their congregations. It is difficult to find a large protestant denomination, save the … Continue reading

Bill Bennett and His Critics

I don’t know which is more shocking: the revelation that conservative icon William J. Bennett has a serious gambling problem, which resulted in his loss of millions of dollars in casinos around the country, or the furious (even scary) reaction … Continue reading

Milking the School System

Imagine this: You are 16 years old and going back to school this fall. Like most students you purchased a backpack, a protractor, paper and pencils, but unlike most students, you did not go back-to-school clothes shopping. Why not? Because … Continue reading

Evolution & Creation

I will start by stating that I am a Christian and thus a theist. I accept the Bible as God’s revealed Word and Genesis as an accurate description of the creation events. I also accept the rather overwhelming evidence for … Continue reading