Few American economists have wielded as much influence on economic thought and policy as the late Milton Friedman. He was an articulate and ardent advocate of free markets and personal liberty. In 1962, his CAPITAL AND FREEDOM, which continues to … Continue reading

Some Guy Named Santorum

I will never forget the first time I heard of Rick Santorum. It was 1990 and I was a student at the University of Pittsburgh, where I was editorial page editor of the campus newspaper. I was approached by Tara … Continue reading

Goodbye to a Good Guy

Editor’s Note: Bob O’Connor, the 58th mayor of Pittsburgh, PA, died of brain cancer this past Friday, September 1, at the age of 61. In the fall of 1994, I drove my tiny Toyota Tercel into downtown Pittsburgh for a … Continue reading

VISION & VALUES: Threatening History

EDITOR’S NOTE: On Sept. 27, 2005, Dr. Richard Pipes, the acclaimed Russian historian and Harvard professor of Sovietology, visited Grove City College  at the invitation of The Center for Vision & Values to deliver the annual J. Howard Pew Lecture. Pipes … Continue reading

Weinberger’s Wisdom

On Monday evening, March 27, I spoke to students in my “Modern Civilization” course here at Grove City College. I was lecturing on the origins of the Cold War. I began talking about the Berlin Wall, going through the date … Continue reading

A “Foote” Note of History

With the arrival of a national holiday, concomitant weekend getaways, and the ceaseless pounding of sensationalistic news headlines, it sadly becomes far too easy to miss the passing of an age. And, in fact, that has just happened when at … Continue reading

The Human Kennan

A giant of the 20th century died on Thursday, March 17. George F. Kennan lived for 101 years. Many things will be said of Kennan this week: He was a leading thinker of our time, the founding father of containment, … Continue reading

A Mom Who Made a President

While being a mother has never been easy, the task today is particularly daunting. My wife, who is the mother of my 8-year-old and 6-year-old sons and 2-year-old daughter, learned a few months ago that she couldn’t even let her … Continue reading

Remembering Fyodor Dostoevsky

Fyodor Dostoevsky-one of the greatest writers of Western Civilization-was born 182 years ago on November 11th. Into his novels-works of art in their own right-he infused philosophy, theology, psychology, criminology, and a profound understanding of human nature. Dostoevsky’s career began … Continue reading

A Grover by Another Name

He’s 19 or 20 years old and a Marine Rifleman fighting in Iraq. His hair’s cut “high and tight” and he’s muscled, weighs about 150 pounds on average. He’d get carded in a bar and in six or seven years … Continue reading

Have You Asked Hannibal?

There’s a serial killer in Louisiana who kidnaps, rapes and murders women. Another may be active in the Los Angeles area. Have the police in Louisiana and Los Angeles-and presumably the F.B.I.-gone to Anthony Hopkins for advice? Who would know … Continue reading

Remembering Mr. Rogers

I was quite saddened when I woke up on Thursday morning, turned on Channel 4 and learned that Fred Rogers had died. Mr. Rogers had always evoked sentimentality from me, though never as he did that morning. I’ll always have … Continue reading