About Lisa Hosack

Dr. Lisa L. Hosack is an assistant professor of sociology and social work at Grove City College. She is a contributor to the Institute for Faith and Freedom.

Building Resilient Young People

Many years ago, I overheard a coworker reflecting on parenting. She had 13 children—an astonishing 10 of them adopted. She said that the parent-child relationship was “everything.” She said that if all else failed, parents should focus on maintaining a … Continue reading

Relationships Matter — But Which Ones?

Everyone knows that relationships matter. But few of us pause to ponder exactly which relationships matter. Recently, I came across a study by the well-regarded Search Institute, a Minnesota research group whose early work identified a range of protective factors for young … Continue reading

A “Fixer Upper” Project of the Heart

HGTV has captured the attention of millions of devoted followers with its widely popular, “Fixer Upper,” a show about Chip and Joanna Gaines, a cowboy carpenter and his naturally beautiful designer wife in Waco, Texas. Chip and Joanna turn their … Continue reading