About Fred A. Kingery

Fred A. Kingery is a self-employed, private-equity investor in domestic and international financial markets from New Wilmington, Pa., and a guest commentator for the Institute for Faith and Freedom at Grove City College.

The Federal Reserve Parking Lot

Recent commentary by David Stockman, former Reagan Administration budget chief, is timely for investors because it focuses on the Federal Reserve’s internal debate about “policy normalization” in advance of Wednesday’s important Federal Open Market Committee meeting. Stockman argues that the … Continue reading

Crossing the Rubicon

Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared at RealClearMarkets.com. The current global debt accumulations are unprecedented. In fact, it can be observed that at no time in the history of the human race, other than during periods of … Continue reading

What’s Next? Buckle Up

Guest Commentary The Republican Party, with the help of the Tea Party, swept the House of Representatives with a massive pickup of at least 60 seats. The Federal Reserve made another historic announcement with its $600-billion “Quantitative Easing” program (QE2). … Continue reading

The Great American Debt “Roll”

Financial markets function to discount the future. Usually, by the time you read about something in the newspaper, financial market pricing has already “discounted” that event weeks, months, or perhaps even years before it hits the front page and becomes … Continue reading

The Dollar at the Precipice

If you’ve seen the movie “Thelma and Louise,” you’ll never forget the ending: In the last scene, the two main characters head down a dirt road in their top-down convertible. The road dead-ends at a very high cliff. The last … Continue reading