Economics & Political Systems

Something for Nothing

Guest Commentary When something is offered to us for free, we become suspicious. Internet scams, all-expense paid vacations and interest-free loans all beg the question, “Where is the catch?” Read the fine print and the true cost becomes apparent. Increasing … Continue reading

What Would Jesus Tax?

Guest Commentary Editor’s Note: This article was first published by the TCS Daily and has been reprinted with the author’s permission. “When Jesus tells us he will regard the way we treat the hungry, the homeless, the stranger, the sick, and the … Continue reading

The Burden of Over-Regulation

Guest Commentary Editor’s Note: This article was first published by the Commonwealth Foundation, and has been reprinted with the author’s permission. Summer’s Best Two Weeks (SB2W) is a non-profit summer camp located in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Laurel Mountains for children ages … Continue reading

Monetary Chaos in Zimbabwe

Imagine buying a loaf of bread in August, 2005 for $2 and then, just a year later, finding the same loaf priced at $22! That is the kind of annual price inflation—1000% or more—that the already poor people of Zimbabwe … Continue reading

Under the Shadow of Inflationomics

Inflationomics, in popular terminology, indicates the sway of inflation thought in education and the affairs of government. It permeates political life and behavior, especially when economic policies are discussed and decided. It usually speaks well of an increase in the … Continue reading

The Strength of the Dollar

To the surprise and wonder of many economists the U.S. dollar continues to be rather strong in international money markets despite ever growing American trade deficits. Last year these deficits amounted to more than seven hundred billion dollars or six … Continue reading

Raising the Minimum Wage

Good intentions, when guided by error and ignorance, may have undesirable consequences. There is no better example than minimum wage legislation. It means to raise the wages and improve the living conditions of poor workers but actually condemns many to … Continue reading