STREAMING VIDEO – 2013 – The American cause

Thought provoking video from The Center for Vision & Values 2013 Annual Conference, Citizenship and the American Cause. Speaking are: Richard Brake, national director of education at Intercollegiate Studies Institute; Gleaves Whitney, director of Grand Valley State University’s Havenstein Center … Continue reading

Family and Citizenship

From the 2013 Annual Conference, Jennifer Roback Morse, founder and president of the Ruth Institute, a project of the National Organization for Marriage.

Memo to Washington: Economic growth is easy

Editor’s note: editor John Tamny, author of the below opinion editorial which first appeared at, will be speaking at Grove City College on Sept. 24 on the subject “How Government is Hurting the Job Market for College Graduates.” … Continue reading

STREAMING VIDEO — Faith, Freedom and the Entrepreneur

Dr. Craig Columbus (executive director of The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation) joins Dr. Paul Kengor (executive director of The Center for Vision & Values) and Glen Meakem (a successful venture capitalist and radio talk-show host) on the campus of Grove City College for an evening discussion … Continue reading