Meet Our Students | “The Students of Faith & Freedom”

Welcome to our weekly series “The Student Fellows of Faith & Freedom.” Each week one of our hosts, Libby Krieger, Susannah Barnes or Kyle Sweitzer, will sit down with one of their fellow students to learn more about the work being done at the Institute for Faith & Freedom at Grove City College. Every Friday, a new video will be available. Be sure to like and to subscribe to our YouTube channel (click here to view our channel) and…help spread the word on what these students are doing by sharing with your friends.



Episode 8 “Jack”

Episode 7 “Jonathan”

Episode 6 “Sarah”

Episode 5 “Stefanie”

Episode 4 “Margo”

Episode 3 “Libby”

Episode 2 “Kyle”

Season 2 Episode 1 “Joy”

Alumni Special Report

Episode 6 “Jonathan”

So, what do our Student Fellows go on to do after graduating from Grove City College? Great question. The short answer is: Success. Since 2007, we have had over 100 Student Fellows work for the Institute. In this episode, we were able to visit a former SF at his current employer, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University to learn about his current work and how being a SF helped prepare him for this role.


Episode 5 “Alexis”

Episode 4 “Ashley”

Episode 3 “Alex”

Episode 2 “Molly”

Episode 1 “Graham”