Hope Cooksey

Hope Cooksey is a senior at Grove City College majoring in marketing management. Home for her is Jacksonville, Florida, however, she has absolutely loved adventuring up to western Pennsylvania for her college career. Hope is active on campus through a variety of outlets, some of which include: serving on Orientation Board her junior and senior years, volunteering time in New Life Ministries and holding the position of president for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. During the Summer of 2018, she was excited to find herself working as a marketing intern for CARDONE Industries in Philadelphia. Hope has enjoyed attending a multitude of Faith & Freedom events during her time at Grove City College and is excited to be able to serve as a marketing fellow.

In her free time, Hope loves challenging herself through various types of physical activity, whether that be competing in intramural sports, working out in the gym, or simply getting out in nature for a walk or a hike. Hope is excited and ambitious about creating positive impact on the world and in the lives of individuals through business, and more specifically, through marketing.

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