Elyse Lane

Elyse Lane is a graduating junior pursuing a B.A. in psychology at Grove City College. After serving one year as a resident assistant, she currently serves as an assistant resident director on campus, ministering to her resident director, her RA staff, and the female resident community. Elyse is the teaching assistant for the Department of Psychology and Social Work and is the secretary of the Sociology, Social Work and Psychology Association (SSWAPA). In 2018, she had the privilege of interning at the Manna House where she gained valuable insight into the operation of a non-profit for previously incarcerated women seeking guidance in re-entrance into society while recovering from drug abuse. This is her first year working for the Institute for Faith & Freedom as a Research Fellow.

After graduation, Elyse plans to pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology, specializing in the treatment of nonsuicidal self-injury and eating disorders.

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