Carolyn Hartwick

Carolyn Hartwick is a senior philosophy and political science major. From the Philadelphia area, Carolyn has been interested in politics and law since elementary school, choosing to come to Grove City College to lay a reasoned, conservative, and Christian foundation for further study in these subjects. On campus, she is co-captain of the Grove City Debate Team, a teaching/research assistant, and senior editor of the Grove City College Journal of Law and Public Policy. During the summer of 2018, Carolyn interned with the Bucks County Public Defender’s Office and attended seminars hosted by AEI and the Witherspoon Institute, in addition to being a delegate to the ADF’s Arete Academy.
In her free time, Carolyn enjoys reading practically anything, be it an Asimov novel or a work on Christian ethical theory. After graduating, she plans to attend law school.

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